ingrower in Nigeria

danishknowhow, in cooperation with ADRA Business, has undertaken to prepare a business plan...

Project development in Nampula

Social impact investment project to provide sustainable businesses in rural agricultural area...

ingrower APP

Inhouse development of a IT tool for agribusiness entrepreneurs

Danish welfare pigs in Mozambique

danishknowhow® test a Danish pig production system at the premises at the JV machadosknowhow...

Promotion in Uganda

danishknowhow with business delegation in Uganda

    Agribusiness entrepreneurship development

    danishknowhow® develop, establish and operate agribusiness projects in developing countries. Our focus is to transform small scale subsistence farmers into successful agribusiness entrepreneurs.

    Our tools are based on expert knowledge from Danish agriculture combined with our world-wide experience from developing countries. We bring technology and entrepreneurship spirit from Danish farmers to your area. 

    We apply for partnerships with operational or financial partners to offer agribusiness entrepreneurship support and consultancy in developing countries. We have in depth expertise in implementing interventions to create jobs through agribusiness entrepreneurship.

    Our clients are investors, governments and donors who wish to facilitate agricultural production, based on entrepreneurshipjob creation and financial sustainability.

    ingrowerTM scheme

    At our site in Mozambique we run a business combining agricultural training with commercial production. The business is operated according to the ingrower scheme developed by danishknowhow. The fundamental of the ingrower is to get the advantages of scale and remain with the individual incentives.

    The In-grower platform provides production facilities, knowhow and marked access. Local entrepreneurs run individual productions within the ingrower. Profits are shared 50/50.

    At present 30 entrepreneurs produce vegetables and chickens in Moamba, Mozambique. The project has reached financial sustainability and the successful entrepreneurs have been able to earn a yearly income on USD 4,800.

    danishknowhow® works in a close network with experts world-wide.

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